Custom Stage Curtains & Electric/Manual Systems

Custom Stage Curtains & Electric/Manual Curtain Systems

PHANTOS can supply electric and manual customised stage drapery/curtain system for both minor and major projects at theatres, auditoriums, schools, colleges and universities, churches, chapels and other houses of worship.  We are also able to provide installation services. Our highly experienced and skilled staff are aware of all the details that are required and how these custom curtains should be installed. You might want to replace your existing curtains with a lot of wear and tear. Or upgrading existing manual curtain system to electric system that are operated via remote or wall control panels. Electric system are now much more affordable than you thought as the technology has evolved so much in the last 10-15 years.  

velvet stage curtains

Every single curtain project is tailor-made and consequently executed with personalised interest. We chose to operate with 2 types of fabrics, both of which were treated to be fire-retardant, and that each is required for specific stage configurations and preferences. Our selections consist of the robust 500g/sqm wool serge and the gorgeous 350g/sqm velvet cotton fabric. Velvet stage curtains are the most popular form of light-weight drapes that are used in theatres that want to impress the crowd with a lush and elegant look. On the other hand, there are heavy wool curtains which are strong and durable, they cater an alluring image, plus they grant excellent acoustic elements.

There are variety of color to choose from when ordering your new curtains.


A typical stage curtain system can include front, middle and rear main curtains, plus legs and masking curtains. There may also be skirtings right in front of the stage.  The first step of updating an out of date curtain system is to have accurate measurements of each of these pieces and decide on the fabric type, preferred color, fullness and also the type of system you plan to go for. We recommend electric system because it does not cost significantly more than manual system. It has the extra benefit of being user friendly, less wear and tear to the curtains and near perfect reliability with today’s heavy duty motors. Electric system can be preprogramed to accurately and smoothly open and close curtains with a touch of a button.   

masking stage curtains

PHANTOS offerS GRT customised electric curtain system with Kotonic 120W heavy duty motor for new install as well as upgrading existing curtains.  The system come with a aluminium lightweigh but heavy duty stage curtain track that can be customised to the length required. A wall mountable control box with control panel and wireless receiver. Multiple curtains can be programed to work from one controller/remote or individually as required. 

Since every curtain’s aspect is unique, it is only natural that its accompanying track will be customised as well. The track’s specifications will be established by the curtains’ dimensions, weight and whether it is straight or curved. Regardless of the curtain track being for a theatre, auditorium, school or any of the pre-mentioned applications, PHANTOS holds a full line of top-notch curtain track systems and hardware including motors, ropes, pulleys, carriers, and hangers that match any style of drape or installation, and provide longevity, as well as, smooth and reliable performance.

main stage curtains

Our support does not cease after the curtains’ setup. We stay in touch with our clients and offer a 10-year limited warranty on both curtains and motor system. If are thinking of getting a quote to update existing curtains. Please feel free to give us a call or email and one of our technicians will be in touch to arrange a non-obligation site visit. We can provide on site consultation, detailed measurements and a quote can be submitted to you within a week.