Gym Audio

Visual and Lighting System

There is a long list that you need to do right in order to retain existing customers and attract new ones to your gym. A gym audio, visual and lighting system upgrade will definitely help improve your customers’ experience during the workout and deliver that extra WOW factor few peers may have to offer.
PHANTOS can design

multizone audio system

PHANTOS can design your custom multizone audio system so that you have centralised control to all rooms and areas while also allow different classes in each room to play their own music at different time. Sound quality and equipment reliability will be carefully considered by our audio engineers who will be able to examine the space and provide you with the best solution. We can supply speakers and amplifiers and wall mount controllers from brands including DsppaBosch, EV and QSC depending on your budget and preference.

Design and supply

commercial TV walls 

Gym is a place that makes exercising experience great again and that is not happening without screens in front of your customers. These can be TV panels with different channels which hopefully they will find one that they are interested to watch, also you may have a large TV wall that not only can play different TV channels during normal workout days, but also can play commercials and used as large digital backdrop signage when you are holding some kind of competition or events. PHANTOS can design and supply and install commercial TV walls and setup video control system that allows you to get the most of out of it. You can live camera feeding on to the video wall during different occasions such as parties, competitions and celebrations.


lighting control system

Lighting is another essential factor when it comes to the gym’s mood. Most gyms are in a space with ceilings of under 3.5 meters high. A successful gym lighting design needs to be able to paint the space with dynamic colours without generating glare to gym-goers doing their exercises facing any directions. LED strips and battens can provide eye-catching dynamic effects as well as providing colour wash to the area. They also have the advantage of being low profile which works well with low ceiling spaces.

LED strip lights alone will not get the result you want without a sophisticated lighting control system. These systems can be custom designed so that lighting programs can be pre-programmed by our technicians and triggered via a mobile app on your devices. The program can be stored in a standalone controller without the need of maintaining a PC. These systems can trigger difference scenes by clock or calendar events saved in the control interface. Your staff can also override and gain instant control of lighting via their easy to use mobile app.


upgrade your existing gym

If you are looking to upgrade your existing gym audio, visual and lighting system, PHANTOS can offer you a turnkey solution proposal which includes designing, supplying and installation of the entire system. Equipment supplied with come with 2 years warranty. Our system will be built to be user friendly and provide your staff with sufficient training during the commissioning stage so that your in house staff can confidently run the system without problems.