Choosing the Right Curtains and Track System for Your Dance Studio

Choosing the Right Curtains and Track System for Your Dance Studio

A dance studio usually has a large space.  Often, there is a need to divide this space for more than one groups to practice simultaneously. Curtains are the ideal choice for making these partitions. Curtains reduce reverberation and echo, as well as reduce interference from any outside noise.

It is very essential to understand the difference between domestic curtains and curtains for commercial applications required by schools, theatres and function rooms. Domestic curtains are mainly used to prevent sunlight and to cover windows, whereas professional curtains are fitted to block sound and create a secluded area. The cloth used in domestic curtains is usually thin and light weight. Domestic curtains are often used for cosmetic purposes. Professional curtains, on the other hand, are used for sound absorption.

The next step is choosing the right fabric for curtains for your dance studio. The fabric material for professional curtains should be anti-static, heavy duty, flame retardant and shrink resistant. The most appropriate choice of fabric is velvet and wool. The velvet material has high density due to which they have quite good sound insulation. It gives an air of exclusivity. Wool serge is a woolen woven fabric available in different weights and is commonly used for acoustic absorbing properties. The black wool is a fantastic sound absorber and reduces echoes and sounds. The fabric of these curtains can be heavy to very heavy, depending upon the level of sound to be blocked. The curtains should be made of flame retardant materials, as specified by the AS 1851 (Australian fire safety rules). Australian fire codes require that in public places, all fabric materials should be fire retarding. This strictly applies for curtains because they act as a fire accelerant.

The selection of tracks for installing curtains plays a vital role too. While curtains at home may be fitted on rods, commercial curtains are installed on curtain tracks. Tracks can be corded, uncorded or motorized. Curtains with a large drop should be cord operated, this would remove stress on the track/curtain against having hand-drawn curtains. Front of stage curtains are cord operated or electronically operated. Motorized curtain tracks let you control the motion of your curtains with the help of a switch or a remote control.

The process flow of curtain installation at Phantos, beginning from site information to the final installation of curtains, comprises of multiple stages. The details of the dance studio are taken by email or over phone call. Our professional experts visit the site and collect basic information about the dance studio. The fabric to be used for curtains has to be decided keeping in mind the sound absorption requirement. It has to be examined whether curtains should be hand drawn, should have cord operated tracks or electric curtain tracks. Cost of making and installing appropriate curtain systems has to be determined. We install the tracks and make it ready for the curtains. Curtains are manufactured in our production facility as per the selected design. On our next visit, we hang the curtains on the installed tracks and installation process gets completed.     

Please drop us a message or give us a call and we shall be happy to help you in setting up your dance studio curtain systems.