Colour Wash A Gym Like This

Colour Wash A Gym Like This

Bodyfit Miranda is the second gym opened by Bodyfit. This gym has a relatively low ceiling height and narrow spaces although the whole gym takes up 3 levels of the building and has lots of rooms for a variety of uses.

Colour wash were still the priority and Phantos 18X8RGBW was again a good choice due to its wide angle in short throw distances.

A total of 24 Phantos 18X8RGBW were used, along with 2 of our 120W spot moving head to project custom Bodyfit gobos onto the floor and walls.


bodyfit miranda 1
bodyfit miranda 2

The 24 wash lights were split into 6 groups on the ground floor in order to best cover the whole floor. These lights were also installed out of sight while customers entering the gym as we try to downplay the presence of the lighting fixtures themselves.

Programming and control was again done by Avolites Titan One, together with AirDMX for DMX signal distribution. 

Click Here for a video tour of the new gym.