KOLO Lasers & DJpower Fx Machines for APE Club

KOLO Lasers & DJpower Fx Machines for APE Club

APE Club in Leichhardt’s grand openning on 20th of April show cased a total of more than 60 lighting fixtures and Fx machines. Unlike many other clubs in Sydney, this club features high ceiling and large floor space which is ideal for live music and DJ nights. 

Their rig includes 4 of DJpower X4 LED Mini CO2 jets, 4 of DSK1500V Vertical Fog Machines, 4 of M180 Fog Machines, 2 V1 Spark Machines and 2 KOlO Phantom 5000 RGB lasers with FB3 controller.  

The DSK1500Vs and M180s works great in night clubs with ceilings upto 5 meters for the spectacular steam column effects  especially when using the fast dissipating Pro-V fog liquid. The fog will disppear in a matter of seconds after each shot allowing more frequent activation without causing a lot of smog in the space. They are certainly a more economical option of achieve CO2 jet style effects.

The X4 Mini CO2 jets offer adrenaline pumping blasts during the night. The power of these blasts can be seen, heard and felt by everyone in the space and they are certainly unique effect machines to highlight important moments of any shows. 

The Kolo Phantom 5000RGBs are over sized for most night clubs in Sydney. However their stronger power does allow the beams to standout when there are still a lot of light in the space produced by other fixtures. The lasers were operated via APC40 midi and Pangolin Fb3 using Beyond.