Ninja Warrior Obstacles

Custom Ninja Warrior Obstacles

Ninja Warrior gyms became widely known after the success of the tv show, American Ninja Warrior. Their goal is to train future ‘ninjas’ but also having lots of  fun when exercising, and they consist of a series of obstacle courses for all ages.

Ninja Warrior Gym
Ninja Warrior Hanging 1

These training courses comprise demanding physical obstacles a single person or a group of people must run through, generally whilst being timed, like running, hanging, jumping, crawling and sometimes balancing components with the purpose of evaluating velocity and stamina. As a result, these obstructions have great quality requirements that must be met.

PHANTOS can be your turn-key solution provider including designing, manufacturing (no matter the size of your space), project administration, installation and more so that every element of your task is consistent and covered. Thanks to our engineering experience and desire for quality, creativity, and safety, we manufacture creations that are impressive, secure, and robust throughout years of substantial use.

Proceeding from a head plan to a carefully manufactured industrial American Ninja Warrior like construction involves a few phases including, 3D CAD blueprint sketching, materialising and designing, plus a thorough examination and understanding of your area, prior to physical production.

All of our obstacles and courses are designed with flexibility, customisation, and durability at heart; thus, we use aluminium trusses fabricated by TUV Certified and experienced welders. Couplers are used to attach obstacles to the truss frames in such a way that they can be moved forwards and backwards within the course. Moreover, box junctions and corner pieces are utilised to perfect the shapes you have in mind.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Our obstacles are completed with more than 90cm of padded safety border on all sides, 180cm worth of safety areas at the beginning and the end, and outlined fall edges at crucial points. We also offer cushioning for truss columns, gaps, and railings. Our team ensures that all of our padding meets SA (Standards Australia) fall height ratings, so no matter if the participants are beginners or professionals, we make certain that safety measures are in place.

Additionally, we use carbon fiber bars on the salmon ladder, flying bar, and pipe slider obstacles. Even though it is incredibly secure and sturdy, it is very lightweight, which means that if it accidentally strikes someone, it won’t harm them.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle 1
Ninja Warrior Hanging

Here at PHANTOS, safety is not a second thought, but instead an essential part of our whole procedure. With the intense dynamics of such a sport, diminishing any risk is vital to your clients and your business. Our aim is to always obtain the finest materials to deliver optimal protection as well as, minimal maintenance, therefore we get a licensed engineer to evaluate and certify our structures. For both indoors and outdoors, be sure that your obstacles will endure loads of participants training or playing for a long time.