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XMLite FS330 330W Discharge Follow Spot Motorized Control


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XMlite FS330 Follow Spot is the new generation of follow spot features full motorised control for dimmer, zoom, and focus from the back panel only. Built in color wheel with 6 colors via push of a button, and a seperate color temperature wheel with 5 color temperature filter from 3200K to 6500K plus a frost filter via fader. All from the control panel located on the back of the follow spot. No more reaching out grabbing a knob to zoom in and out or drop/lift a color gel at the front!

FS330 features a new 330W YODN 15R discharge lamp with 4200lm output that is brighter than a conventional 2500W follow spot. It is idea for mid sized venue such as school hall, theatres auditorium and club venue with upto 2000 seats. FS330 is 918cm long and weigh 26Kg net. It come with a stylish and sturdy tripod with chrome finish, and a heavy duty road case.

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Additional information

Power Consumption


Light Source

YODN 15R 330W

Color Wheel

5 color+white

Color Temperature



5-10 degree with focus




Machine 26KG,Stand 6KG