Blizzard Lighting has appointed PHANTOS as Australia Distributor

Blizzard Lighting has appointed PHANTOS as Australia Distributor

Blizzard Lighting is the fast rising star in the US’ stage lighting industry. Established as recently as 2010 out of a basement, it has not occupy a 40,000 square feet (as of July 2016) of warehouse and office space in Wisconsin. Blizzard Lighting was the creator of “Slim PARs” called Puck, which was an instant hit due to great price point, compact size and high output. By August 2013, they have sold 25,000 units of the Puck LED Slim PAR fixtures in the US. Blizzard Lighting is also the pioneer in creating battery powered LED lighting fixtures: the Puck RGB and RGBA Unplugged, and later the Puck 3 Unplugged. These fixtures quickly become popular and other manufacturers have followed suit with similar products. In 2014, SKYBOX, HOTBOX and ROKBOX EXA debut NAMM to rave reviews. Blizzard Lighting has also expanded in other areas of stage lighting and is now a Brand offering products including Moving heads, LED PARs, Washes, Control & Data communications, Lasers, and Atmospheric Effects…

PHANTOS is very proud to have been appointed as the sole distributor for Blizzard Lighting in Australia. Our first shippment includes:

RokBox RGBW, RokBox 5 RGBWA, RokBox 5 RGBVW, RokBox Infiniwhite, RokBox EXA and barndoor/ diffusion panel accessories

SkyBox 5, Colorise EXA, LB PAR Quad RGBA, Motif Fresco, PixelStorm COB, Hotstik EXA, Lil’G, SwitchBlade Micro, G70 Spot, Pixellicious, Snowblind, SolarRay, Autobahn-8, Snokontrol, Wicicle AnyFi, Lightcaster AnyFi, WiCicle Skywire and Cobzilla White.

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