dplr Invests in 48Sqm of P2.6 Indoor Curved LED Screen Cabinets

dplr Invests in 48Sqm of P2.6 Indoor Curved LED Screen Cabinets

As a respected specialist in Australia for production and technical management, dplr never fails to deliver the best service and equipment. They have recently invested in 48sqm of Gloshine WPro indoor LED screen cabinets with 2.61 pixel pitch.

The Wpix Pro series of indoor display LED screen cabinets come with a refresh rate of 1,920Hz, a grayscale of 14-16bit, and boost a viewing angle of 160º horizontal and 140º vertical. dplr has selected the curved version cabinets to be able to create curved screens for some of their upcoming production jobs. The Pro series also features extra locking system on two sides of the cabinets compared to the standard W series to achieve outstanding screen alignment and offering the best viewing experience possible for their clients.  Choosing this pro level cabinets with 2.61mm pixel pitch while most production companies are still sticking with 3.91mm cabinets shows dprl’s determination in offering their clients better technology than competition.

dplr also purchased a MagnImage 750HS video screen processor and 4 Novastar Mctrl600 sending cards that work seamlessly with their new LED screens. Heavy-duty road cases with Penn Elcom hardware were custom made to protect their new equipment for years to come.

The equipment has been deployed to a number of jobs since delivery at venues like Carriageworks and University of NSW etc receiving great reviews from clients.

dplr boasts years of experience in technical production services, and value latest industry technologies to better their services to clients. Their purchase of these state-of-the-art vision equipment from PHANTOS further expands their in-house inventory and put them further up in rank when it comes to high-end corporate events and stage production services.