dplr Upgrades Its Inventory For Visual Production

dplr Upgrades Its Inventory For Visual Production

dplr is a company that specializes in the production and technical management of whatever event you might have. They’ve got a vast inventory of professional lighting, audio, visual, and production equipment’s that ensures that you’re provided with customized management for your event.

Priding themselves with intense attention to details, the company has just bought their 48sqm of Gloshine Wpro Curved LED screen cabinets P2.6 for their production use.  The Gloshine Wpro Curved LED screen cabinets P2.6 is a premium visual equipment that ensures that the attendees of your event have a worthwhile indoor visual experience. This equipment makes it even better and more comfortable for professional visual production technicians to bring to life your visual imaginations. The guys at dplr, being good at developing creative solutions, purchased this equipment from Phantom to ensure they’re ever ready to meet your event demand.

The Gloshine Wpro Curved LED screen cabinets P2.6 possesses in every two big handles in each cabinet that makes it compatible to work for any angle, the handle is made with Silicone cover, and that makes it very user-friendly. This indoor display LED screen has a refresh rate of 1,920Hz, a grayscale of 14-16bit, an average power consumption that is less than or equal to 350w/㎡, and more importantly for your event, a viewing angle of H:160º V:140º.

dplr equally added to their ever-growing inventory four Novastar sending cards, which they bought from Phantom.au. Being among the top companies in this field, this makes them a feat higher in the competition to make your event standout. The Novastar MCTRL600 sending cards are used to control the Novastar independently. It can be used in security monitoring, live events, and sports centers. It comes with premium features like light sensor connector, supports resolutions up to 1920 x [email protected], and downward compatibility, and most interestingly—it supports various video formats.

Finally, dplr purchased one MIG processors that are required for the video wall system, and that means you’re getting a complete package when you hire them for the visual, audio and lighting production for your event.  The MIG processor offers a superior approach to enhance the visual performance of LED walls. This is very thoughtful on their part because it is an excellent choice for a multi-purpose room, multi-media hall, studio, theater, and showroom.

dplr aren’t newbies in the field of event management; their years of experience has made them be always after the latest industry technologies to better their services and wow your audience at competitive prices. Their purchase of these pieces of equipment that further expands their in-house premium inventory makes a statement for being the sole best at the top.