Lighting and Curtains Upgrade for Strathfield North Public School

Lighting and Curtains Upgrade for Strathfield North Public School

As schools are planning on post-COVID life and safety of students, Phantos was contracted to perform school hall lighting and curtains upgrade for Strathfield North Public School. We installed FOH lighting bars, side wash and upstage lighting bar for the lighting setup, while for the curtain side, we installed an inherent fire-retardant (IFR) velvet material that features a manual rope system.

In line with what our client needed, we used four Phantos 18×12 Hex Side Wash which is a tremendous internal lighting device for stages and halls.  We also used six FOH lighting bar: Sensation 200W LED RGBW Profile to help lit school hall.

Still on the school lighting upgrade, Phantos used an Upstage lighting bar, five event lighting wash PAR that was relocated from its exiting lighting rig as requested by the school to ensure the school stage was well lit.  Also, we installed one lighting bar that is 6.5m in length, and about 50 of 3mm truss pole for the school hall side fill lighting.

school hall lighting and curtains upgrade

For the Strathfield North Public school curtain upgrade, we installed main house curtains that are Inherently Fire-retardant (IFR) made of Velvet material and cover a 550g/sqm space. Inherently Fire-retardant (IFR) fabrics are the highest rating to be given to a flame-retardant fabric. These types of fabrics are best for areas where the fabrics will be exposed to a heat source, and we decided its best to install this main curtain to enhance the safety of the school against fire.

The curtain fire treatment is done 100% fullness, and the curtain comes in a red material with masking border and a manual rope system. Also, the curtain features four side legs Inherently Fire-retardant (IFR) Velvet material that is 550g/sqm and is 100% fullness in black.

The school was satisfied with the final result and commended on a job well done. If your school school hall lighting and curtains upgrade or business is planning for a similar upgrade, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than ready to discuss with you.

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