USB lighting controller

Obsidian Systems Onyx NX Wing Lighting Console


Need a USB lighting controller?  The NX Wing Complementary USB Lighting Controller is the most practical solution for DJs since it is very easy to setup and operate.

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The Obsidian Systems Onyx NX Wing is a complementary USB lighting control surface that employs the USB class drivers. It is based on the Onyx NX2 lighting console and features the same user-friendly interface. It is USB-powered, which means you don’t need special drivers to install it on the host PC.

It mainly operates with Windows 10 and is very easy to operate. There is no need for a complicated setup or additional installation. Simply plug it into a user-provided PC with ONYX and get started instantly.

The Onyx NX Wing USB lighting controller offers extensive connectivity with 4DMX ports, MIDI, and Timecode ports. It can unlock up to 128 universes when connected to ONYX on a PC, thereby allowing you to make high-precision changes with less hassle. It is a working horse almost for all types of events that need fascinating lighting effects.

Overall it has 10x 60mm motorized playback faders, each with a 4x function-assignable button that respond to your every movement with remarkable accuracy.  Using the Onyx NX Wing USB lighting console will give you the automation you need to reflect the movement of each fader in real-time. It gives you the feel of mixing through a real console.

In addition to the practical features, it has a built-in lamp that provides immediate visuals of your parameters. It is a perfect highlight especially for events that require dimmer lights. Lamps are also great and more affordable alternative to illuminated buttons.


  • Fully featured control surface, portable and lightweight
  • 10 Playbacks, Encoders, Keypad and internal 3.5″ touchscreen
  • DMX, Timecode and Midi Connectivity
  • 128 Universe License for ONYX included
  • Plug and Play USB device for any PC with ONYX
  • Size: 300 mm (l) x 540 mm (w) x 9mm
  • Weight:10.2lbs

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