Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses Business Planning

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses Business Planning

Staying fit and keep healthy is 1st on the list when asking each of us what would be the most important thing in our lives. That is why there is always a gym around the corner where you go. All of us know that it can be difficult to attract and retain customers by just being “one of those” offering similar equipment and services like everyone else does. Business owners are constantly thinking about what would make them different. Ninja warrior obstacle courses could be one of the answers and we are trying to elaborate more on that in this blog post.

We think there could be 3 different approaches when introducing ninja warrior obstacle courses to your local market:

  • Include them within your existing gym
  • Include them within your existing kids’ play centre
  • A dedicated professional level ninja warrior obstacle courses centre for kids and adults

the first two businesses would be targeting difference customers but the things they need to consider regarding adding these ninja obstacles are similar. We will talk about these together to avoid unnecessary repetition.

Adding Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses to Existing Gym/Play Centers

If your gym has a relatively high ceiling say 3.5-4.0m, and you can make some room available to put in at least 3-6 courses of ninja obstacles. It would be a very cost-effective way to test the water. On the other hands, play centres might not need much height since the users are often small kids. However, having the extra height and eventually ordering the course to be at about 3m high above floor gives you the option to change the courses later to suit bigger users without having to make changes to the existing structure.

First of all, decide on the space you have available. A typical ninja course will be measured 1.5m wide by 3.0m deep internally. They are built with aluminium box trusses which are 0.3×0.3m in size.  so if you are planning to have 6 courses in 2×3 grid formation, it should take approx. 3.9×9.9m of space. Or you could have 3 courses in 1×4 formation that will only require 2.1×9.9m of space. The good thing about these truss based ninja courses is they can be expanded easily like legos. You just connect new courses right next to the existing truss structure as you add more.

Once you have the space sorted, search on google to find if you already have competition around the town and plan the right course elements that you think will work best for your gym while trying to differentiate. If you are not sure what courses or elements there are available to choose from we find this American website very useful with pictures of different elements.

The next stage is to engage with a few suppliers to get quotes on designing, supplying and installing the courses for you. You will pass on the information regarding space you have available, how many and what courses you want to have in there. It would be helpful if you have a copy of the floor plan of the entire space for them to work on. You supplier will be able to produce a 3DMax visual for you to review and comment on.

A big chunk of your budget will be spent on the structure and it is important to know that aluminium trusses come in different designs and quality. The best quality trusses are TUV certified and are commonly used in the entertainment industry with a few standard sizes. Buying good quality trusses means they will have much better resell value which will reduce your risk of losing money if the plan does not work out.

It is best if you see some samples to have an idea of the quality of equipment, trusses, cushion/landing matt.

To have these installed the structure needs to be certified by an engineer and the work should be done by licensed riggers.

Dedicated Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses

You might be looking to running a business whose customers are ninja warrior enthusiasts. It is always easier to pull out from the crowd by doing some unique at a level few others can. By focusing on only ninja obstacle courses you will, of course, lose some potential customers who are just casual users but will over time build a loyal base of customers and make a name to be the go-to place in town for any ninja warrior related events including competitions and training lessons.  As a result, you will open new revenue streams by focusing on one thing and do it well.

As with any businesses that are nitch it is important to do intensive market research especially on existing competitors. There will always be competitors and you need to be prepared to be able to offer different challenges to customers on a on-going basis. You will need to plan your location well so you can benefit from the local population and public transport.

Your courses will likely to be a lot more than 6-9, more like 20-30 and you will have more challenging courses and obstacles to keep people trying.  You will likely need warp walls and also design the courses carefully so customers can enjoy the entire process. Discuss with some hardcore ninja warriors for what they think should be included if you can.

You should also have a kids section with courses that are less changing but fun to play. You will benefit a lot from this section of the market by bringing in large groups of kids with parents spending half a day on weekends.  These kids may turn into future loyal customers as they grow bigger.

After you have had your business plan carefully thought out. The remaining process is somewhat easier and similar to the above. You just have a bigger project on hand. Apart from getting builders to set up your kitchens, toilets, rooms, etc, you will be in touch with a few suppliers to work out the best designs and make sure you are sold the best products and a good deal.

We hope the above is helpful for you when planning your next Nina warrior obstacle courses. PHANTOS is a Ninja Warrior obstacle courses solution provider. If you have any questions regarding designing, supplying and installing these courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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  1. I want to start a ninja warrior TV show season one in my area, I wanna know the details of the obstacle with cost and installation .

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