The Process of Planning and Ordering Ninja Courses

The Process of Planning and Ordering Ninja Courses

Ninja courses should be customized to cater to specific age groups and floor plan. They need to be designed and manufactured in accordance to your business theme color and style. There is also logistic and financing options to consider. The entire process from order confirmation to delivery could take 10-14 weeks so it is crucial you have this in mind when planning for your new business adventure to avoid frustrations and delays. This blog post is trying to help our customer to gain better understanding of the entire process.

Selecting ninja courses that appeal to your target customers

Needless to say, there are ninja courses designed for different age groups. They range from entry level kids fun courses, to professional ninja warrior courses that are challenging to the fittest gym goers. The different level of ninja obstacles will directly impact the foot print of the entire course, as well as cost. If you have decided to invest in a ninja course, this should be among the first priorities.

All customers would be most curious about costing at the very beginning. Cost can vary significantly depending on the floor space occupied by these elements. Different business owners may have different plans on how a ninja course fits into their business model. Some would go for a full on ninja course, others would just allocate a corner of the space as a diversification to a broad range of activities offered to their customers.

That brings us to the next step:

Get your ninja course plan on a piece of paper

It is obvious, that you will know your business model and customer base better than anybody else. You think an opportunity exist in the market place to justify a ninja course, or some fun elements offered by such activities will keep your existing customers excited. However, you might not like the idea of diving into the technical details of going through all the different elements available, or you simply don’t know where to start.

Typical ninja courses are truss mounted and the trusses grids are mostly 2X5m for adult or slightly smaller say 1.5×3.5m for kids. There is no rule on their exact size but this should give you a good idea of how much space they would require and how many different elements you can have on a given space. We recommend you to draw this up on a piece of paper even if you haven’t got the space yet. Since you already have a good idea of your target customer it would become easier for you to choose the different elements to put in. Your business sense shall be sufficient to make such decisions knowing that some fine tuning will be needed later on. You may download a list of popular elements that are offered by PHANTOS or Ninja Solutions in the US has quite some options to choose from. All of which can be custom built by PHANTOS.

Quotes, Terms of Trade, Warranty and Financing

With a draft plan ready you can get a quote and discuss any questions you may have regarding this project with us. During this process we will provide a 2D drawing, with plan and elevation, to confirm the items and dimensions of your new project. We can share photos from previous projects for your reference.

If you need financing you can talk to a business loan broker. From our experience they would mostly request an official quote from a local supplier, and then an invoice if you are happy about the quote, to finalize the loan application. We have experience working with financing companies and will provide all documents to ensure this process is smooth and easy.

It is important to know that because this is a custom built project and they are manufactured overseas, PHANTOS requires a 50% deposit to confirm the order, with the remaining balance to be paid ahead of delivery. Depending on your location we may either deliver directly to site, or to your local port warehouse if you are outside of delivery zone for container trucks. In both of these cases, your balance will be paid before containers are packed at the manufacturer as shipping documents will be done with your company as the consignee as we continue to be responsible to clear customs and arrange delivery to your agreed address.

PHANTOS will provide 10 years local warranty on all hardware and truss frames with structural safety certificate from licensed engineers for your piece of mind. Cushioning pads and matts are covered by 12 months of warranty. Depending on your location, we may be able to provide installation services.

Clarification via 2D drawing, 3D modeling, and Rendering

We pay great attention to details during specification and clarification stages before production is commenced. We provide 3D modeling of the entire project for our customer to scrutinize all the details, and specify their theme color during this stage. This can typically take 2 weeks to complete. To avoid delays we will be letting you know about color consideration during quoting stage so by the time we are building 3D models you should already have an clear idea of what colors you would like the different parts to be in. Your business logos can also be printed onto the pads and matt if you have paid for this service. The 3d modeling and renderings will offer great clarification on what the end result would look like.

Manufacturing, Confirmation, and Delivery

The manufacturing process can take 6-8 weeks to complete depending on the size of your project. All courses will be test built at the manufacturing facilities and have photos taken for confirmation before they are packed into a container. In the meantime our structural engineer will be working on the structural safety certification. Your balance of payment would need to be cleared at this stage as we are preparing to pack containers and arrange delivery. Sea transport can take another 4-5 weeks. The typical waiting time from order placed to order delivery could be 12-14 weeks.

As mentioned above, installation after delivery can be arranged by our customer using licensed riggers/builders or PHANTOS may arrange installation to be completed by its sub-contractors at extra cost.

We hope this article offers some clarification about what is involved and what to expect during the process of planning and ordering your ninja courses. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.