Onyx Essential Key (License) by Obsidian Control Systems

Onyx Essential Key (License) by Obsidian Control Systems

ONYX by Obsidian Control Systems is a lighting control software engine that powers the entire system. It can be designed for all levels starting from a simple setup to complex touring shows.

ONYX for PC is available in several different license levels. With the upcoming 4.6 version, ONYX has made changes to its license structure. ONYX Essential Key, which is the latest license for the upgraded version of ONYX, is now available. ONYX Essential Key is an encrypted USB dongle and it can unlock upto 8 Universes of DMX control system on any PC system. It can enable OSC, MIDI and Timecode features for PC systems and removes restrictions for 2 Dylos Zones too.

This ONYX Essential Key carries the full ONYX license that can start functioning instantly without requiring the availability of online connectivity or activation. It can be used on any PC and does not have to be registered with any specific hardware. It is a ready to use key as drivers are pre-installed with ONYX.

The key features 8 universe ONYX licenses which can be expandable upto 128 universes. The 2 USBs are compactly packed in a safe case with security loops around them. The license key is pre-activated and can be used with immediate effect.

Please do drop us a message for your requirement of ONYX Essential Key. Phantos is the Australian distributor for Obsidian Control Systems and our team shall help you immediately.


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