Wannabees Hornsby Stage Lighting and PA System

Wannabees Hornsby Stage Lighting and PA System

Wannabees are kids play centres, located in Sydney, where people have created a child size city featuring fire and police stations, hospitals, post offices, restaurants, gyms, TV studios, radio stations and many more for children to enjoy. It is a place where youngsters learn how life is flowing while they have fun playing there.

The second Wannabees, in Sydney, is located in Hornsby shopping centre. The new centre was designed with a functioning performing stage for kids with stage lighting and an audio system in place.

The lighting system on stage is made of 2 parts: background lighting, via some decorative windows of different sizes and colours, and downstage over head wash lighting.

Phantos designed this system using flexible white LED strips to light up each of the 12 decorative windows downstage. Each window lighting strip is connected to a Uniqueen WU-824 24CH DMX decoder so as to integrate the window lighting with the 8 Phantos 18X8RGBW LED wash Pars located upstage, overhead, where all DMX fixtures are. A very easy to use Code 240A DMX controller is chosen along with a Code SD4 DMX distributor. The 240A is a simple but versatile DMX console which allows our installer to be pre-programmed with all the lighting effects required by the family play centre staff and effectively train them to activate these effects when needed.

Wannabees family play centre also contacted Phantos to design and install all public address system in the new centre.

Apart from the stage speakers, the venue has 2 zones that require playing different music and making announcements to, from the control station. There are also 2 separate kids party rooms where birthday cakes are cut and happy birthday songs are played at different times of the day.

The audio system designed, supplied and installed by Phantos, allows experienced centre staff to make announcements,  play same or different music to stage speakers, the open play area, as well as the café on the first floor.

In this system, Dsppa Tech 250W MP825 Amp took centre, stage powering all of the ceiling and wall mounted speakers. 2 DSP901 ceiling speakers and 2 DSP8064 30W wall mount speakers were installed in the main activity area, and 4 extra DSP557 were used in the kitchen and the parents café area upstairs. The 2 children party rooms have one DSP557 ceiling speaker each with a MP60U amplifier on which centre staff , that look after the room, can hook up their phones with the amp via Bluetooth to play happy birthday songs. A CM12 condenser desktop mic is located at the front reception to allow staff to make announcements to selected areas via a simple push of zone button on the mic.

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