Motorized Stage Curtain Tracks for RAAF Base Richmond

Motorized Stage Curtain Tracks for RAAF Base Richmond

RAAF Base Richmond is located 50 km north-west of Sydney. It was the first Air Force base to be established in New South Wales and second in Australia.

RAAF Base Richmond has renovated its old stage theatre for providing entertainment to its staff members and their families. This revamp has been done by Zone Fitout. As a part of their refurbishment process, RAAF Base Richmond have upgraded the existing manually operated stage curtain track system to a motorized one.

Motorized curtain tracks are the automated systems that allow curtains to be opened or closed just at a touch of a button on a remote control or a machine. They can be operated with the involvement of one person and require less maintenance. The motorized curtain systems have a long working life and can be installed without any difficulty.

Phantos has installed a motorized track system in the renovated theatre at RAAF Richmond.  This is integrated with a wall mounted controller and the controller can be paired with multiple remote controllers. The main house curtains and mid tab are installed with GRT T40I motorized curtain track and 200W curtain motors that are designed to pull curtains of up to 100 Kg. These tracks have been made from extruded aluminium which gives it strength and robustness. The system comes with a wall-mount control/receiver unit, as well as a wireless remote. Where multiple electrical stage curtain tracks are installed, these different tracks can all be programmed into one wireless remote.

Curtain tracks can be customized as per the usage within a specific auditorium. The stage owner can get the curtain tracks as per custom length. We are committed to fulfil our customer’s requirements. Accordingly, we were able to make and supply the entire curtain track system in very less time.

Tracks can be straight, curved, manually operated or motorized. If you are unable to decide about your stage curtain requirements, our professional team guides you at every step from designing to installing your stage curtains. Please do give us an opportunity to present a quote.

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