Pixel Mapping with Obsidian ONYX Dylos

Pixel Mapping with Obsidian ONYX Dylos

DYLOS is the advanced pixel composer and media engine that is built into Obsidian ONYX software. It is pre-loaded with over 1100 media files of carefully curated content as well as effects that are optimized for the DYLOS engine. It allows users to import custom media in almost any codec and size. With ONYX’s easy to use 2D Plan View, users can create up to 5 pixel mapping zones for DYLOS, where fixtures can be freely placed and arranged. This can create a variety of eye-candy visuals for different applications, including live concerts, other events, and installations for bars, restaurants, karaoke, and other architectural lighting environments.

DYLOS Composition View

2D Plan with DYLOS Zone

DYLOS is also a cost-effective pixel mapping solution as it is part of ONYX. This PC lighting control software comes free with all programming features and 4 universes unlocked outputting via Art-Net and sACN protocols. This means a laptop with the free ONYX software installed and an Art-Net node together can already provide unlimited possibilities with designing, programming and performing great pixel mapping visuals to most applications.

ONYX Show with DYLOS (Visualised in Cast Wysiwyg)

When it comes to larger-scale pixel mapping, an additional ONYX KEY is recommended as it unlocks a total of 128 universes for ONYX. It is plug and play without the need for a driver or an internet connection. Alternatively, using an NX Wing can provide more flexibility in programming and operating besides accessing the same 128 universes. This can benefit small venues like music restaurants and pubs, where a casual lighting operator can be called in to control the lights live only on certain occasions, keeping the cost to a minimal.

Let’s see it in action. This is a timecode light show for a small DJ stage, visualizing in Cast Wysiwyg. The show is programmed and ran in ONYX with the use of DYLOS for pixel mapping visuals. 20 Blizzard Lighting Pixellicious LED bars, 18 Motif Fresco LED bars, 8 GTD 330C II BSW moving heads, and 8 GTD 440II BSW moving heads are used in this DYLOS example.

Furthermore, with the amazing installation tool ONYX Manager, it is possible to automatically trigger different scenes of pixel mapping using date and time clock. It also provides easy to use touch interface and many more features to help with installation projects be a breeze.

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