Colordreamer Titan A4 Artnet to DMX Controller
Colordreamer Titan A4 Artnet to DMX Controller
Colordreamer Titan A4 Artnet to DMX Controller 1

Colordreamer Titan A4 Artnet-DMX Node


The Colordreamer Titan A4 features 4 DMX ports and 1 RJ45 TCP/IP 10/100M Ethernet port. This Artnet to DMX node reliably distributes DMX512 data over long distances using an Ethernet network.

With this device you can take full advantage of pixel mapping and voxel mapping. The device is very easy to install and ready within seconds after start-up.

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The Colordreamer Titan A4 Arnet-DMX Node is an essential lighting control equipment. It is responsible for transmitting ArtNet to DMX512.

Nightclubs, live productions, and architectural installations require a reliable LED light controller to showcase the fascinating lighting effects. Thanks to the Colordreamer Titan A4 DMX node, which makes the conversion of ArtNet to DMX512 digital data swift and easy.

Titan A4 features 4 universes and offers better lighting synchronization and management.


  • ArtNet- DMX512
  • 4 Universal DMX Ports
  • Built-in Web Configuration

Colordreamer Titan A4 ArtNet-DMX Node offers a durable construction enclosed in a black metal housing at a great price point.

The two Art-Net sources in this LED light Controller come with an HTTP Merge, which consequently allows users to customize specific device settings through the built-in web configuration tools. It is lightweight and very easy to carry and with proper protection, it can go miles with you.

Web Configuration

Follow these steps for the Titan A4 web configuration.

Step 1: Connect artnet controller and your computer to the same network

Step 2: Open your web browser and enter the IP address Web configuration interface will be launched. Click “Device Configuration”.

Step 3: User can change IP address and save this configuration. Change IP address and click save.

Step 4: After saving all setting, reboot the system to apply the new setting.

Step 5: Reboot. After reboot, this window will be closely automatically.

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Additional information


Titan A4

Power Input


Input Protocol


Output Protocol


Refresh Rate

40 Fps

Default IP

Default Subnet


Net cable

DMX512 (Out)

4×512 Channels

Ethernet Port


DMX512 Ports

3Pin/5Pin XLR Female


Black Metal



Dimension (body)


Dimension (with brackets)




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