Waterwave Projectors for Sydney Zoo

Phantos is the purveyor of the most innovative and definitive audio and visual equipment for rising and renovating projects. With over a decade of experience, we ensure the most promising AV system installation. Our customized designs and solutions are tailored to fit your needs and taste. These include custom-designed electric curtain systems, lighting and audio system, trussing and staging, etc. We offer LED displays, Lasers LED control, chain motors, shop drawing, as-built drawings, architectural lighting systems, indoor and outdoor LED screen signage PA systems for shops, stage audio system, and a lot more. Our list of products and services proves that we offer the widest range of AV system designs all at one stop.

Over the years, Phantos has had the pleasure to serve theatre, hotels, clubs, schools, churches, and entertainment venues. As an audiovisual company, our foremost priority is customer satisfaction considering their budget and requirement at all times. We work super closely with our customers or their interior designers to ensure their desired output. Our technician is equipped with 20 years of experience in manufacturing, installing, and repairing the stage lighting, audio, and visual equipment. Recently we have had the honor of serving Sydney Zoo by dispensing our GOBOCRAFT 200 LED water wave projectors there for their aquarium area and the changes speak for themselves. The GOBOCRAFT creates immersive water effects and this simple addition has breathed a whole new life in the area. Now the entire experience of the aquarium area feels truly modern and dynamic. The vibe of the aquarium feels like one is floating through the crystal-like ocean while inducing subliminal serenity. It’s amazing to see how the installation of only four of our GOBOCRAFTS has entirely revamped the place.

Now here are some game-changing features of the GOBOCRAFT that set it unique. Weighing 5.4kg, with the maximum projection distance being a whopping 150M in dark, it offers the most revolutionary and invigorating optical illusions that create the most distinctive desired atmosphere, always exceeding expectations. GOBOCRAFT comes with a 15 degrees lens by default but to present you with the most impactful and crisp output we offer four lens variants to choose from me,e10/15/30/40 degrees with 5:1/4:1/2:1/1:1 to image diameter respectively henceforth enabling you to extract more out of this gadget as it allows you to cover the right ratio of space at any place. Not just that the GOBOCRAFT 200W IP65 LED Gobo projectors can adorn your events, concerts, and festivities with our signature wow factor. Allowing a large throw, it creates the most insane visual effects that can breathe life and thrill in all your events. One of its elite features is the super high power OSRAM LED chip and its super heat-conducting copper
board. With a 95% heat dissipation rate, it ensures that there is no heating up and the entire unit remains as cool as its functions,
Optical illusions and visual dynamics are always one of the key factors to grab the attention of people in modern times. And this product proves just that. Having incredibly decent pricing, it makes a perfect addition to all your areas of interest. Whatever the vision, we’re here to help.

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